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Attention Roofers “Specialize”, “Revolutionize” then “Capitalize”

To make you most competitive by making all the best options (metal, slate, shake, polymers,etc…) 
available to you without the headaches of dealing with all those different companies, all with their 
own different policies and procedures. Specialty Roofers one stop shop, Leaders among 
dedicated Stone Coated Metal Roofers.

To become known as a Metal Roofer as a leader in this innovating industry. To add prestige to your 
offerings and of course make more money than you ever will schlepping asphalt shingles. To be able to 
offer your customer a wide range of options without risk to you, because we help you every step of the 
way. We can work together to make it possible for your crew of 3 or 4 to complete a 20 SQ metal roof, 
in and out, in one day.

To be the “must see” / “go to” place for the best metal roofing options in this booming residential metal roofing market.

Once you develop a following of customers who are looking for something other than shingles, with BAT Group you can offer any specialty product without the headaches and learning curves that are usually associated with selling, ordering and installing a new product that you don’t necessarily specialize in.

BAT Champions get:
Customized “Option Selector” Anything you need at best possible price and convenience for you, as always.
Exclusive opportunities on new or existing products before they hit mainstream.
Listed on our website.
Homeowner leads in your area.
Regular updates to be well informed on products, deals and availability. “Hey roofers Vince here from BAT Group. I just wanted you to know… I just wanted to tell you about… I just want to show you…

Why should I buy from BAT Group?    All brands, best prices and unmatched expertise.

Why should I keep buying from BAT? Promotions, volume discounts, endless variety of any specialty roof.

Training and Certification
Exclusive Opportunities
FTL Pricing

BAT Group represents only the best products and only to the best specialty roofers.
BAT Group members are leaders in today’s metal roofing renaissance.
Specialty Roofers with Specialty Brands for Special Owners at Special Prices 

Today’s roofer has many competitors undercutting prices yet bundle prices continuously increase and if you don’t take the job there are three other guys lined up to do it for nothing.  If you want to be more than just another roofer, join BAT Group and become a Specialty Roofer. With BAT Group you have access to all the tools you need to offer a wide variety of choices to your customer and as you grow BAT group can help you with custom brands and methods for your specific needs in your specific area and sometimes exclusively to you in your area.

Today’s homeowner is fed up that his roof has to be replaced every 10-15 years so he would easily go for something better, for some even at a higher price.

Specialty Brands
Decra, Gerard, Metro, Allmet, Metstar, Edco, VicWest, Ideal, Swenson, Buildex, Quarrix, Titanium, MetalRoofers’ … many more… if we don’t have, for our champions, we can get it.

Special Prices
At BAT Group you have access to the whole gamut of price ranges, from Premium Traditional Systems all the way down to Affordable Innovative Systems, some even as low as shingles. Some of our Specialty Roofers buy some products by volume so they get great deals and pass on the savings, getting them more sales.

Best options for Sloped Residential Re-Roofs. Systems 1, 2 and 3.

BAT Group Marketing Services

BAT Certified Roofers Certified Specialty Roofers Registry (public)
Data-Contact info, Yrs doing specialty, products installed, customer complaints, addressed and resolved.

Metal Roof Registry (private)
Data-Product, color, installer, roofer, year installed, SQs.

BAT Sales Kit, brushes, samples, stone chips, basecoat, etc…
BAT Installation Kit with BAT Install. And Estimating Guides.
BAT Group Diplomas for certified sales representatives, metal roof installers. “Residential Metal Roofing Diploma”, “blank has attended the BAT Group blank seminars and passed examination” “Certified Installer”, “Certified Specialty Roofer”, “BAT Group Certified Specialty Roofer”, “blank has not only passed written examination but has also installed enough quality roofs of various specialty type roofing. Blank is well known to us and we are confident of their quality of workmanship and their customer service.”
BAT Group Testing procedures (some in-house some not). BAT Tested, BAT Approved! (for products, systems and contractors). Always test to improve  a)better base coat, b)better Metstar laminate and c)thinnest possible Galvalume.
BAT Comparison Charts 

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