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System 2 - Built-in Batten

Same consept as System 1 except the field area is installed using a Build-in Batten thus eliminating horizontal batten strapping. This is a simplification of the same panel used in System 1 but with a batten built into the panel. This system can only be installed on a solid deck not open rafters, most roofs in North America have a solid deck anyway. This makes the installation easier by not having to deal with the carpentry involved in System 1 and still gives you most of the strength, beauty, and durability especially if no extra ventilation or structural repair is required. System 2 panels can also be installed with the same roofers preferred local metal flashings used in System 3. System 2 should be installed by a professional roofer with some experience in metal roofing.

NSR photos 101
Aug 14 2009 DL 028
Aug 14 2009 DL 018
Built in Batten
Aug 14 2009 DL 030
Aug 14 2009 DL 004
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