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About Us

The BAT Group was founded by Vince Guerra in 1996, for roofers and homeowners who want more than the same old asphalt shingles. Vince has devoted his career to making lifetime metal roofing solutions more easily accessible to the general population.

Metal Roofers' One Stop Shop! All metal brands under one roof.

Special Prices
At BAT Group you have access to the whole gamut of price ranges, from Premium Traditional Systems all the way down to Affordable Innovative Systems, some even as low as shingles. Some of our Specialty Roofers buy some products by volume so they get great deals and pass on the savings to you.

Specialty Brands
We use the best manufacturers to bring you the best and widest variety of Specialty Roofing.
BAT Profiles
BAT Trims
BAT Coatings
BAT Machines

Special Owners
The homeowner is stuck with accepting that his roof has to be replaced every 10-15 years so he perpetually goes for the cheapest option, shingles.

Specialty Roofers 
BAT Group works closely with roofers that are much more than just another roofer. BAT Group Specialty Roofers are the best because they specialize in lifetime roofs. With BAT Group they have access to all the tools they need to offer a wide variety of choices to their customer. 


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