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Don't Wait for your Roof to Leak

Don’t wait for your roof to Leak

Don’t waste your shingles to pollute landfills.

Re-Roof now, once and for all!

If your shingles are around 10 years old and they're still good but you don’t know how much life they have left, now is the perfect time to protect it for life with a beautiful metal roof.

Yes you heard us right. The best time to get a new roof is right now before your existing roof expires.

It is a universally accepted fact that asphalt shingles will expire; something will break, something will leak, curl, split, dry out etc… The question is when will it break? Another question is what damage will it cause you?

It makes sense to make your decision when you’re still in charge, not in the heat of repairing the damage already done.

If your roof is not broken options start at $3.50 per sq. ft.

If you wait for your roof to leak prices start at $6.00 per sq. ft.

In North America we have somehow accepted that a roof is a disposable thing that needs to be ripped up and reinstalled every few years. Why? We think it’s because we were spoiled for many years with a product that was cheap, easy to install, environmentally friendly and lasted 30-40, even sometimes 50 years or more.

That product was asphalt shingles then, but not now. Asphalt itself is now so much more expensive, so asphalt shingle companies are using less asphalt in their shingles, making them last not nearly as long. Today shingles are replaced on average every 10-15 years.

All that tearing off, dumping fees, and perpetual landfill waste just doesn’t make sense anymore.

There is a valid preconception that shingling over existing shingles is not a good thing. That is very true if you are re-roofing with shingles again, but not if you graduate to metal. With metal roofing it is not only OK to re-roof directly over existing shingles, it is highly recommended.

There is also a lesser known valid preconception that exposed fasteners are not as good as hidden fasteners. This is true with exposed fasteners that have rubber and are installed on the horizontal plane of the roof. With System 1 and 2 metal roofing, the screws are threaded all the way up to the screw head, there is no rubber ring to dry out, and the screw is usually fastened on the horizontal face of the panel.

Not only is this way more water tight but also makes wind uplift, which is the most common cause of shingle failure, almost impossible.

Happiness is freedom from fear. We want to assure you that buying one of our roofs means you’re doing the right thing for your home.

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